Family Planning

In-depth advice is available about the wide array of family planning options available to women and men. These include contraceptive pills, injections, barrier methods (condoms - male and female, diaphragms), implants (Implanon), intra-uterine devices (Mirena, copper coils). The doctor will discuss these options in detail with you to help decide which is most suitable for you. 

Implanon (Female) 

This is a small plastic device containing a low dose of hormone, which is released slowly over three years. It is inserted into the upper arm and should be removed or replaced after three years. It can be removed sooner if necessary. 

Mirena and Coils (Female) 

This is an intra-uterine system containing a low dose of hormone which is released gradually over five years. After this time it should be removed or replaced. It can be removed sooner if necessary. Copper coils (intra-uterine device) can also be fitted here, these are similar but contain no hormones. 

Emergency contraception (Female) 

We offer advice regarding the need and options for emergency contraception. The postcoital pill, commonly known as the 'morning after pill', can actually be taken up to 3 days after unprotected intercourse, while the emergency coil can be fitted up to 5 days later, but is not suitable for everyone. 

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