Private Medical from 1st of March 2017

Consultation Fee
Private Consultation (8.00am to 17.00pm Mon to Friday) 55 Euro
Private Consultation (17.00pm to 20.00pm & Saturdays + Sundays + Bank Holidays) 60 Euro
Private Consultation Dundrum Medical Centre 60 Euro
Repeat Consultation 35 Euro
Family Consultation (Maximum 2 Family members) 80 Euro
Family Consultation (Maximum 3 Family Members) 120 Euro
Maternity Consultations (Combined Care Scheme) No Charge if eligible for Scheme
Smear Test Cervical Check (CC Ltr.required) No Charge if eligible i.e. Aged between 25 & 60
Private Smear Test inc HPV - 20 working day return 150 euro
Blood Test - Private 30 Euro
Blood Test-GMS (Medical Card Holders Only) 15 euro
Prescription (Repeat prescriptions at Dr. Discretion) 20 Euro
Letters (Existing Patients Only) 20 Euro
Sick Cert (Existing Patients Only) 20 Euro
Flu Vaccinations 30 Euro
Travel Vaccinations Consultation -Single Person 55 Euro*
Travel Vaccinations Family (2 person = 80 Euro & 3 Person = 120 Euro)
Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor Rental & Consultation - Private 100 Euro
Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor Rental & Consultation - GMS NO Charge
Occupational Health Screening From 100 Euro
STD Screening 120 Euro
Mirena Coil (IUCD) Consultation & Insertion 180 Euro*
Mirena Coil (IUCD) Consultation & Removal 100 Euro
GMS Facility Fee Mirena Coil (IUCD) & Implanon 30 Euro
Implanon Consultation & Insertion or Removal 100 Euro*
Minor Operations 150 Euro **
PIAB / Medical / Legal Reports (Vat. 23% incl.) 338.23 Euro
Legal Court Attendance & Standby fee (Vat. 23%incl.) 184.50 - 738 Euro
Patient records / File request 6.35 Euro

  * This does not include cost of Vaccine or Instrument.
** Prices may vary depending on procedure

Note: Please enquire at reception regarding fees for alternative specialist treatments.

Private Dental from the 1st of March 2017

Consultation Fee
Special Offer - please ask at your local Primacare Centre for more details **
Examination 40 Euro
Examination and small x rays (Bitewings) 60 Euro
Prescription 20 Euro
Small X- Ray X1 20 Euro
Examination, Scale & Polish 100 Euro
Periodontal (deep root cleaning X 4 quadrants) 260 Euro - 420 Euro
Filling Sliver/Amalgam 80 Euro - 100 Euro
Filling White/Composite 90 Euro - 110 Euro
Root Canal Treatment Front 220 Euro - 350 Euro
Root Canal Treatment Pre molar 310 Euro - 450 Euro
Root Canal Treatment Molar 450 Euro - 700 Euro
Adult Extraction 55 Euro - 110 Euro
Adult Surgical Extraction 150 Euro - 200 Euro
Wisdom Tooth Surgical Extraction 440 Euro - 500 Euro
Crown 550 Euro - 800 Euro
Veneer 450 Euro - 700 Euro
Bridge 660 Euro - 850 Euro
Dentures 1-6 Teeth 330 Euro - 500 Euro
Dentures 6 + Teeth 500 Euro - 750 Euro
Cobalt Chrome (Metal Frame) 1055 Euro - 1,350 Euro
Full upper or lower 660 Euro - 1055 Euro
*Implant Incl Abutment and Crown From 2,200 Euro
Sports Gumsheild or MouthGuard From 90 Euro
Teeth Whitening 220 Euro
Exam Children incl small x rays 30 Euro
Child Fissure Sealent (1 Sealant) 25 Euro
Child Fissure Sealant (2 Sealants) 40 Euro
Baby teeth extraction 40 Euro - 80 Euro
Orthodontic exam No Charge
Six month smiles one arch From 2,200 Euro
Six month smiles both arches From 3,100 Euro
Fixed traditional Upper & Lower adult From 3,300 Euro
Fixed traditional Upper & Lower child From 2,750 Euro
Inman alighner per arch (removable) From 2,000 Euro

Please note Prices may vary depending on your requirements and treatment plans, Further Discounts & Special Offers may also be available on these and other treatments. For more information please consult with your local Primacare Dental team.

** Please enquire for availability  

Physio Consultation

Consultation Fee
Physio Consultation 50 Euro (With Loyalty Card)
Physio Consultation 50 Euro (Students & Staff Dundrum Town Centre)
Private Physio Consultation 50 Euro
Dry needling 50 Euro
Combined physio and dry needling (or acupuncture) 70 Euro (for 45 minutes)

Medical Card Patients


Note: Medical cards are accepted at all Primacare Dental Centres and for medical & Dental purposes

All medical card patients should note it is compulsory to bring your up to date medical card and identification with you and present it to the receptionist before your appointment with the doctor in any of the primacare medical & dental centres.

Please also note some treatments are not covered by the Medical Card services and private fees will be applicable where this is the case. Please enquire at the reception for further details.

All the above fees are correct as of the 1st of March 2017


Patient Update & Notice - 1st of March 2017 :


1. Please be advised that the benefits under the Loyalty Scheme will change from the 1st of March 2017. Primacare Medical & Dental Consultations will no longer be discounted with the Loyalty Card. Our new Schedule of benefits are available online at www.primacare.ie


2. Please be advised that our Private Medical & Dental Fees will be amended from the 1st of March 2017. More information is available on our website at www.primacare.ie


3. Please be advised that we have introduced a new Repeat Prescription Policy from the 1st of March 2017.

  • Patient must submit a Prescription Renewal form (Available at reception or online) 2 working days in Advance.

  • Patient may attach details from the Pharmacy of all Medication currently been taken.

  • Patient may be requested to attend the Doctor in order to complete their request and the reception may contact you to arrange this.

  • We are no longer permitted to take Prescription requests by Phone.

  • All Prescription renewal requests must be in Writing.



Thank you for your cooperation.


Primacare Management