Prescription Renewal

Repeating your Prescription

There are many times when it is easier and simpler to request your next prescription for medicines

You take all the time, without having to come in and see the doctor or the nurse. We call this a

“Repeat Prescription”.

Until now we have been able to take verbal requests for repeat prescriptions over the phone.

We are introducing a change in the process and will now require all request for prescriptions to be

made in writing.

This is because international studies have shown that there is an increased risk of mistakes being

made, and the wrong medicines being given to you if we rely on phone messages.

The Irish College of General Practitioners now recommends that requests for repeat prescriptions

be made in writing, and we are providing you with this guidance on how to request your prescription

from the practice going forward.

Why are we changing things?

This new system will be safer, and reduce the chances of any errors being made, so that you

only get the right medication for you.

It will also free up the reception staff to deal more efficiently with patients queries over the phone,

make appointments etc.

If you have any queries about this change to our way of ordering your Repeat Prescription, then

please ask your doctor or nurse, or ask at Reception

How to Order your Repeat Prescription?

  1. Please pick up a Repeat Prescription Form from Reception, complete it and drop it back to us.

  2. Please down Load the Repeat Prescription Form from our website and complete it, Email it to your local Prmacare Centre.

  3. Please Send your Repeat Prescription form by post to your local Primacare Medical & Dental Centre.


Please attach the last Pharmacy Receipt/Statementwith details of you current Medication to the from

Your Prescription will be ready for collection in 2 working days at your Local Primacare Medical & Dental Centre.

Prescription Renewal Form - Please Click Me.